Video thumbnail display on / off, with iPhone and Android apps

I want you to be able to turn video thumbnails on and off with iPhone and Android apps. Just like the desktop version.

This is because I am currently using jitsi meet for web lectures, but when I want to show the screen such as PowerPoint, the video thumbnail gets in the way.

With a one-to-many connection like a lecture, you don’t need video thumbnails, which is an obstacle.

Therefore, it would be great if video thumbnails could be turned on / off in the settings options.

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This is the image I want.


The video thumbnail is in the way and the characters on the right side are hidden and unreadable


By turning off the video thumbnail, there is nothing that disturbs the screen.

Hi magicalegg,
so you mean you could be able to remove thumbnails on mobile apps?


Hi ersoy,

Yes. That’s right.
I want you to add a setting that hide thumbnails in the mobile application.
Because now mobile apps can’t hide thumbnails.

Hi again,
unfortunately no setting for this (many other simple things) on mobile.

Can you briefly explain what kind of changes you have on which files?


Hi ersoy,

I also want to know.
If there is a way to erase the video thumbnail, I would like to know how.

I hope its ok to add to somebody else’s thread.

Being able to turn off Video thumbnail would also server other purposes.

If I use Jitsi just for an audio call, i would still get the thumbnail. But thumbnail should be enabled only when its video. So letting this option stay with users would be great.