Video stream not visible in android app

Hi, I have setup my own jitsi deployment on web , but when I try to call from web to jitsi sdk android I am getting this error:-
UnhandledError: P2P across two endpoints in different SDP modes is disabled Script: null Line: null Column: null StackTrace

In addition to this I am also not able to see the video of android app user on web, is this issue related to the fact that jitsi version is different on android and web

This is not an error but a notice that P2P won’t work and the JVB will be used.

Is your setup properly configured? can you have 3 participant calls both in and out of your network?

Yes, if I have any number of people joined from browser then the call works fine. The case is only for when a user joins through android sdk

Are all users in the same network? Also, check if your chain cert is ok: browsers are more forgiving than Android.

Yep, the chain certificate is correct and I did not understand the meaning of users being on same network. Can you please explain this point? Does this mean that everyone in the call has to be on same wifi?

They don’t have to, but if your server is not configured properly it may look like it works when all devices are in the same network , but as soon as 1 isn’t it may not work for them.

Try reproducing your problem with as the server.

Yes, if I change the url to in my android sdk, same issue presists, video from web is not visible on device

What app version are you using?