Hello Everyone!

I’ve setup our own jitsi server on ubuntu 20.04.
It has ldap authentication with our ActiveDirectory and works fine.

Now I want to Connect a Video-SIP-Client (LifeSize).
I’ve connected both SIP-Clients (Jitsi-Server & Lifesize) to our Telephone System / PBX.
When I dial the jitsi number, it rings, but nothing happens.

Generally, I’m confused.
Do I need Jibri and Jigasi? And so many other parts from the different guides are unclear for me.
Is there an UpToDate Step-By-Step Guide to setup this?

Many thanks in advance!

For sip video calling you need jibri with sipgw enabled.

Nope, there is none, but there are plenty of posts in the forum explaining it, and implementing it is not straightforward.