Video screen in UI getting distorted with the particular video settings

I have provided the below video setting while generating local tracks.
aspectRatio : 4/3,
constraints: {
video: {
height: {
ideal: 360,
max: 360,
min: 240
frameRate: {
ideal: 20,
max: 40,
min: 10

Same thing is provided for remote tracks but still the screen getting distorted.
Also when we restrict the size of video tag then aspect ratio does not work.
Can anyone help on this. Stuck on this for multiple days

Can you please share an image of how it looks like?

Hi @saghul
Thanks for the quick reply.
I am sharing two images which will give you an idea about how the screen getting distorted.

These images I have provided are the same.
please check this.

I don’t see any distortion, just a low resolution image, am I missing something?

How can this be a high quality image which is passed from remote frames.
High resolution is only possible in case of good bandwidth we have.
We are working over low bandwidth may be 3G and sometimes 4G. So is there a good resolution for both local and remote frame?

This looks like custom interface. So you have to check your custom interface how it is implemented.

You are going to have bad image quality if you use a low resolution and then stretch it, there is not much you can do about that.

@saghul Can you please provide me the correct configuration for good resolution and also for the aspect ratio too.

Don’t change it. The default is 720p already.