Video Resolution


Thanks for the program and help so far. Is it possible to change the resolution for the users joining via video chat on desktop? Its currently says:

Resolution: 640* 360 (send max 360p)

Also is there a setting to adjust the send audio quality at a higher bitrate?

Thanks in advance.


Are you hosting your own server? If so, these changes can be made in your config.js.

Yes self hosting on windows / docker.

I can access the config dir and will look for config.js any line in particular?

It’s a little different in Docker, but look for similar configs:

Thank you!

When I make changes to to config file and restart the docker container it overwrites my config changes with the lower default values.

I’m not terribly familiar with docker, but I believe you’re supposed to set your env variables somewhere that doesn’t get overwritten on reboot. Scan through the forum, I’ve seen quite a number of posts pointing that out.

Great, will do thanks again.