Video resolution is drooping: connection quality is not good with wired connection inside local area network


Hi, we are using wired connection between our server and clients(desktop). The machines are linked by a switch. The video resolution keep on changing. From 1080, to 720, or may be lower in the same network. The wired connection link speed should be 1000MB. So I think there should be no problem with the link speed.

And I also found the connectionQuality data from LOCAL_STATS_UPDATED and REMOTE_STATS_UPDATED event in lib-jitsi-meet(the client lib) is kinda strange. It is changing from 0-100 after we started a conference.

I guess it is not normal? Or is there any thing I can provide for doing further investigation.

Any idea, thanks.


Is this p2p or jvb connection? Have you set 1080p in the config.js as it defaults to 720p at the moment.
What does chrome://webrtc-internals say for the call.


It is normal for the connection quality to change during a call (as the network conditions change). Note that it should work for 1080p streams, but it has been tuned for 720p.



It was JVB connection. Yes, I did set 1080 in config.js. chrome://webrtc-internals shows the resolution was changing. 720p 1080p 480p etc.