Video recording to be stored in GoogleDrive

I came across the below URL to store the recorded video in dropbox:

Is it possible now to store in Google drive?
Please confirm.


You can store the recording anywhere you like, by using the finalize script. That script is called after each recording’s end and you can upload the recording with it to any place that you have command line tool for.

IIRC, there are command line clients for google drive, for example gdrive
So something like

gdrive upload $2

inside the finalize_recording script

You can also use curl to send a POST request to google drive: Uploading files to Google Drive directly from the Terminal (using Curl) | by Daniel Ellis Research | Towards Data Science

I see that there are also a lot of tools to sync a whole folder with google drive folder - then you can use such a command line tool in finalize script to sync the recordings folder. A lot of different options, your implementation may vary.