Video quality

Hello, that might be coming from an overload of video communications these days but the video quality is crap. I made 3 calls with 3 people in videoconference each time and always the same issues:

  • video channel becoming black
  • video channel freezing
  • communication cutting
  • video speed going very slow
  • video stops synchronizing with audio

Any idea how to solve that?
If it is coming from the too large number of comms, maybe it would be smart to create a limitation. When the limit is reached, no videoconference could start?


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Hey Scuby,

this problems are probably also caused by the heavy usage of public instances.

But you can also do something on the client side, please take attention to which browsers your clients use. Google Chrome or the jitsi meet electron app are the best candidates. Firefox has some compatibility issues with jitsi.

I saw the recommandation to use chrome but, i was surprise to see an open source platform in a ultra competitive function recommending google …
I’ll try Electron desktop but I doubt my peers I want to conference with will actually go that “engineering” pass instead of using their user-friendly facebook, skype and zoom :cry:

Generally I’d suggest to create a page on containing tips for optimum performance. E.g. “When you experience performance problems…”

  • Monitor CPU-load percentages in order to quickly see whether problems could be CPU related, network related or server related.
  • If problems arise in a WIFI environment, wired should be tried in order to know whether WIFI makes trouble or not. From a performance related investigation:

    In lossy wireless environments, when the wireless node is far from the AP, we observed that the video stream frequently freezes. The typical duration of such freezes is a few seconds and subsequently, the stream resumed at a much lower frame rate and resolution.

  • etc. (parameter tweaks, …)