Video quality on self hosted Jitsi server

Hello everyone,
I host an instance of Jisti on my own server in my house. It runs on an Ubuntu server 18.04 VM to which I have allocated it 10 of the 12 threads of my Ryzen 2600 and 6GB of RAM.

I have internet fiber with 1Gbps download and 600Mbps upload.

I am negatively surprised by the video quality I have experienced during the two first conference calls I have hosted between 2 computers each time. The video quality is usually at “MD” (=“medium definition”?) but sometimes it even drops to low definition.

The definition rocker in the call settings is at the highest setting.

There is no way my internet connection would be the bottleneck IMHO.

So what could possibly be the root cause of such a low quality?

Could you please give me advice as to how to get better quality?

Thank you in advance.

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I am struggling to find a solution. Hasn’t anyone faced such behaviour from Jitsi?

are the two computers actually using your server also on fiber with 600 Mb(its) upload ?
if one hovers on the thumbnails in the filmstrip one get an indicator top left and if hovering on it it’s possible to get info about the connection quality, what are the results ?

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Hello and thank you for your reply.
For some reason, since I posted this topic, the issue stopped occuring and video quality usually defaults to high now.

Oh. I have the same problem. Are you sure you don’t know what the solution could be?

I wish it would go away on its own on my dedi server.

I am sorry but I don’t. I suppose it had something to do with my partners’ ISPs being congested for some reason? I am pretty clueless to be honest.

OK, thanks anyway.

I solved the problem with the hint from here:

disableSimulcast: true,

Video quality is unrecognisable (much, much better without simulcast).

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I agree with the results, this was night and day better after disabling simulcast :+1:


check your websocket configuration of the videobridge, I had maybe the same problem.