Video quality Issue , unable to set 1920

Hii ,
I am having an issue with max video quality 1980, We are using custom front end using lib jitsi meet, it’s working perfectly for 1280*720 even I have set it for 1980, any help would be appreciated…

Am attaching screenshot of config


I will appreciate it if you can support me here.

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AMit Mehra

Hello, has anyone had a chance to look at this one yet? Thanks so much! Daryl

Have you tried setting ideal and max values in config.js?

Do it for width and height

Yes we did, on the same server on the browser using jitsi UI we can achieve 1080p. However in our customized electron app its still stays at 720p.

We’ll dig a bit deeper.

Thanks for the response

Hello, any idea on the above issue, it’s our custom lib Jitsi implementation !!!

Max enabled Resolution is also 1080 for remote participants in config

Amit Mehra