Video quality is bad via TURN and JVB server

We tried one-on-one meeting (of course it has 2 users in the room). First we defaulted it to use TURN, then later JVB. In both cases, the quality seemed bad as the byteReceived rate started to dip below 100K/sec, then go down to ~0KB/s.

How do we increase video quality that is currently streamed through a TURN, and our JVB server?

Hi @acakid, that’s mediocre performance indeed. I wonder if your meeting gets starved by some other bandwidth hungry application. Do you have anything else running in the background? (either you or the remote participant). Also, could you please check whether you’re connecting through tcp? although that shouldn’t cause such a severe issue that you’re experiencing.

To answer your question, I’m not sure whether you can disable congestion control for 1-on-1 calls. Maybe there’s some flag in the SDP to set the minimum bitrate but I’m not sure.

Thank you @gpolitis. I will make a bounty to you and @damencho to fix this issue, and after that we can share what we’ve done to help out the others. Please let me know.