Video quality, force good quality

I just installed Jitsi, works great but video resolution from other clients is never more than 640x360 (3 people in the conference).

Here some detail of my setup:

  • last stable release running on ubuntu 18.04
  • bandwidth and server resources shouldn’t be the source of the problem (resources are free, bandwidth > 1 Gbit)
  • clients all use the last chrome version on macos
  • config constraints: { video: { aspectRatio: 16 / 9, height: {ideal: 720, max: 720, min: 405}, width: {ideal: 1280, max: 1280, min: 720} } }
  • config resolution: 1280
  • Connection stats says: “Good”

Here two question:

  • I’d like to have a better video quality: how can I identify what is causing the deterioration of the video quality? (the source, the server, the client)
  • How can I force a better video resolution?

Thank you!

Client. Give it a little to ramp up, use wired, make sure you have enough upload bandwidth.