Video quality degrades horribly when more than two people are in the meeting

We’re self-hosting. When more than two users are in the meeting, the quality degrades to the most unbearable blurry mess. Running Jitsi Meet on Debian 10, 4Gb ram, 2 cores. Server resource usage stays low, and all parties are on high speed >100mbps connections, what is happening? This is basically a stock (unchanged) config, lost looking for a solution…


What is the available bandwidth to the server?


That is not possible, is it 20Mb/s is it 100 or it is 1Gb/s?

Well, virtually unlimited.
Transfer cap 4 TB
Inbound 40 Gbps
Outbound 4000 Mbps

What does the CPU look like on the bridge? Can you attach bridge logs?

Where would the log files be and what would they be named? Thanks!


Try this as a temporary workaround till we push new stable Stuck on LD video with EC2 instance