Video quality degrades from HD to SD/LD within few minutes

Hi everyone,

We are observing that the video quality from a mobile device is from 1280x720 to 640x360 within a minute.

Wanted to know how we can solve this issue?

Also, if you could point us to the code where we can check the behaviour of the Quality Controller in the jitsi meet sdk would be of great help.

@jallamsetty if you can help here please.


@Meninblack007, are you seeing this behavior in mobile browser or the app ? This shouldn’t be happening in mobile browser.
The app however has been configured to send/receive 360p only - rn: set default resolution to 360p (experiment) · jitsi/jitsi-meet@f32140c · GitHub

Hi @jallamsetty!

If I’m not mistaken, I think I recall seeing a post somewhere where @saghul advised that this 360p limit on mobile has been lifted. Did I read that wrongly somehow?

Hi @Freddie, I still see the feature flag for resolution set to 360 for both Android and iOS in the tip of master.

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Ok, thanks!

Hey @jallamsetty, thanks for your reply. We are using jitsi-sdk in our react-native app and we are using this react-native library GitHub - skrafft/react-native-jitsi-meet: React native wrapper for Jitsi Meet SDK.
So that feature flag doesn’t exist for us. Also we are setting resolution to 720 in config.js still the quality degrades. Am I missing something?

That setting only applies to the web/desktop. The resolution settings for mobile devices is baked into the app itself as shown in the link above.

stupid question: did you do a test with a modern phone on wifi behind a fiber uplink, so you can eliminate for certain any external problem ? if bandwidth or cpu are limited it’s expected behaviour for the client to reduce quality.

We are observing issues on Oneplus 5/Realme 7 Pro S devices. We do have good internet connection and yet we are seeing pixelated low resolution video.

@jallamsetty any help on this? :frowning:

2021-02-20 00:09:36.473 I/org.webrtc.Logging: SurfaceEglRenderer: : Reporting frame resolution changed to 720x1280 with rotation 0
2021-02-20 00:10:01.711 I/org.webrtc.Logging: SurfaceEglRenderer: : Reporting frame resolution changed to 540x960 with rotation 0
2021-02-20 00:10:26.684 I/org.webrtc.Logging: SurfaceEglRenderer: : Reporting frame resolution changed to 360x640 with rotation 0

@Meninblack007 Its hard to pin point the issue without the logs.
There are multiple factors that affect what resolution is sent to an endpoint. Will you be able to share the logs for the receiver and sender ?
This is where the receive resolution for an endpoint is set - lib-jitsi-meet/ReceiveVideoController.js at master · jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet · GitHub