Video quality configuration

New to Jitsi, running it with docker currently and having some issues properly configuring video quality
i’ve created custom-config.js under ~/.jitsi-meet-cfg/web but this doesn’t look to help in any way.

I need Jitsi to never use resolution higher than 720p when sharing desktop, but it always uses 2K video on my end, even though max video resolution is 720p in config.js and I also redefine it in custom-config.js as well.

I also have hard time figuring out how to force Jitsi maintain framerate I defined. Getting like 8 FPS sharing desktop (at 2K). I’ve even modified lib-jitsi-meet to tell it to maintain-framerate in modules/RTC/TraceablePeerConnection.js and this still doesn’t do what I expect from it

Any help would be great, been reading various topics and still can’t fix my problem so far.

In your config.js:

resizeDesktopForPresenter: true

Also in config.js, specify desired framerate:

desktopSharingFrameRate: {
        min: 5,
        max: 5

I have desktopSharingFrameRate defined in .env file and Jitsi still has issues maintaining it, either due to bandwidth or it’s just not performant enough for some reason.

Will try resizeDesktopForPresenter and reply.

Doesn’t seem to affect anything at all.

It just ignores my custom-config.js so far.