Video quality and new install

Hi, I’ve been hearing great things about the Jitsi meet service so we’ve been trialling service with mixed results on quality. Based on recommendations we were also about to build a server.

Using a Win10 desktop with either FF or Chrome and an HD camera the video capture appears OK on my own screen but looks awful for other attendees. Reducing the HD setting doesn’t improve the video quality. If we switch our meeting to Zoom the video quality is immediately fine.
Also if I connect through the same home network connection (with VPN) using Safari browser on an iPhone 12 the video quality is great.

Please any suggestion why Jitsi isn’t working well on the desktop setup with Aukey webcam?

We were going to build a self hosted Jitsi Meet this week. I now need to understand a bit more and either move ahead with a resolution or changes plans urgently.

We want to have our own self hosted stable/secure/good quality video meets for up to 10 people connecting in from browser or app.

Thank you

Is this on

hi Freddie,
Yes, all described above was referring to the public service.
I’m considering whether to install our own server, but if the public service isn’t working well it’s a concern…

If you host your own server, you can make modifications to your deployment that will give you higher resolution streams. It really all depends on the resources you commit to your deployment (bandwidth being the most crucial).

hi Freddie,

Thanks for your comment. I’m concerned if the public service with all it’s infrastructure provides a limited connection maybe we shouldn’t install… I suspect there is a local desktop issue (fine with Zoom or iPhone) but if I’m having issues maybe other people must be. It seems odd as I’ve got a good setup and network connection. I’d heard the quality was good, I’m just not experiencing that yet.

If anyone has further ideas it would be good to try or troubleshoot further.


I did the server setup with the hints at Resolution Problem and CPU problem - #13 by jbeunel to set HD as the minimum Video resolution and bitstream rates.
But … using the (Android) Jitsi meet app it does not change anything. All videos are at Low level.
To get HD quality i found the only way using the Browser (Firefox) functionality at the smartphone and setting up an own Jitsi server.
Using the Smartphone Browser or App with was only with low resolution possible.

hi etron770,

Thank you for your comment. Just to clarify my understanding, am I right in thinking you were unable to obtain satisfactory quality using desktop PCs and both your own server or the public Jitsi service?

For this requirement it’s critical we have a solution that’ll provide HD video from desktop and mobile, preferably with browser or app. If Jitsi isn’t suited for this I’ll find another service (any other recommendations?).

Thank you

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I am working with my own HD optimized Jitsi server and connecting from the Smartphone without Jitsi meet app. If the connections are established with browser at PC and browser at Smartphone I get a similar quality like Zoom.

And yes - with the Jitsi meet app there is only very low video quality with my own server and at

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see also: Ipad only sends at low res on local server - #3 by damencho

thanks @etron770 if Jitsi worked well (HD) just with browsers and no app that would be fine for our requirement. The issue I’ve experienced is that my video output using desktop and HD camera is very poor. I’m not sure how to resolve…
We need a service that others can join and use with a browser. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Security and HD quality is important.


The issue I’ve experienced is that my video output using desktop and HD camera is very poor. I’m not sure how to resolve…

Setting up your server (with security options), that the minimum resolution is HD and sending a link to the client

config: /etc/jitsi/meet/
// Sets the preferred resolution (height) for local video. Defaults to 720.
resolution: 1080,

constraints: {
video: {
height: {
ideal: 1080,
max: 2160,
min: 1080

… maxBitratesVideo: {
low: 2000000,
standard: 3000000,
high: 5000000

// If true, any checks to handoff to another application will be prevented
// and instead the app will continue to display in the current browser.
disableDeepLinking: true,

What is the Throughput report on when you do the test from the same PC you have problems with? What is the output of that test on the side that cannot receive your HD video?

Thank you @etron770

hi @damencho Thank you for the suggestion, I hadn’t use this tool before. I’ve now run it a few times with varying results. With FF Version 89.0 (64-bit) it seems to get stuck on the Check resolutions. One time it completed and gave the result below, but many times it failed to complete.

Data throughput
Video bandwidth
[ FAILED ] Frame rate mean is 0, cannot test bandwidth without a working camera.
[ INFO ] Send bitrate mean: NaN kbps
[ INFO ] Send bitrate standard deviation: NaN kbps
[ INFO ] RTT average: 0 ms
[ INFO ] RTT max: 0 ms
[ INFO ] Packets lost: -1

I repeated the tests with Chrome (Google Chrome is up to date Version 91.0.4472.101 (Official Build) (64-bit) and twice all tests passed successfully.

The thing is, I’ve now immediately tried Chrome (& previously both Chrome and FF) and the video is really poor. In contrast my iphone 12 using the same Wifi projects a brilliant video in both Chrome or FF Jitsi.

Since I’ve read other people report good or great video quality, perhaps it’s my Aukey webcam (which incidentally works great with Zoom and other tools)???

We need a solution for both a small team and some external meeting attendees who need/will expect high quality using a browser and we can’t be providing anything less than a great solution. Please any recommendations on any changes to make, checks to try, or other solutions to consider?

Thank you

Just a hint for webcams … the best video quaility is the cam of the Smartphone.

you can use Droidcam (Android and Iphone app) and Droidcam on PC:

And your smartphone is working as webcam.
It is working with Jitsi

As you can see the test of Bandwidth is negative but Jitsi is working fine
The test with my webcam hangs at Check resolution 1280x720 but the cam is working with Jitsi

Smartphone as Webcam wit Droidcam:

[ OK ] Supported: 1920x1080

Data throughput
[ OK ] Transmitting at 1625.332 kbps.
[ OK ] Transmitting at 1708.711 kbps.
[ OK ] Transmitting at 1684.184 kbps.
[ OK ] Transmitting at 1591.076 kbps.
[ OK ] Transmitting at 1510.987 kbps.
[ OK ] Total transmitted: 8159.232 kilo-bits in 5.024 seconds.
Video bandwidth
[ FAILED ] Frame rate mean is 0, cannot test bandwidth without a working camera.
[ INFO ] Send bitrate mean: NaN kbps
[ INFO ] Send bitrate standard deviation: NaN kbps
[ INFO ] RTT average: 0 ms
[ INFO ] RTT max: 0 ms
[ INFO ] Packets lost: -1

@etron770 that’s a great help, thank you. I’d heard about Droidcam some time ago and earlier today I actually thought perhaps I should do that.

My only concern with this approach, as while I may make my own video feed look good, if other people are connecting using HD webcams that look good with Zoom/other services, the overall service is a bit poor for them.

If the browser cannot work with the camera there is nothing we can do about it … Have you tried another camera/another computer … do you experience the same?