Video problem on client side with jitsi but not with riot

Hi, I have issues with my connection to either our homeserver or When video is enabled it often reports networking problems. When I disable the video all is fine in the sense that I see all other users and talk to them (only audio for me). I thought it was a problem with the upload speed my ISP gives me. But our same server (that runs jitsi meet) has a synapse-matrix server installed as well as a turn server. When I use this to talk to any person there are no problems. My video is fine on the other side.

So I wonder where the problem might be. Are there any special settings that I should check on my home router? The problem is there for jitsi even if I talk to only one person. But with Riot all is fine.

I am not sure my question is in the proper place in this forum. No problem to move it elsewhere in the forum if there is a more appropriate category.