Video only mode for individual participants



is it possible for certain participants to join a conference in video only mode? In my use case, a user joins the call via SIP for the audio and opens the conference in the browser for the video. In this case, the user will hear his own voice coming from the “SIP participant” (as perceived by the Jitsi application). Is there a way to disable audio upon joining? Right now I am forced to mute Chrome entirely from the OS, which is not an acceptable solution for me.


I tried to hack my way around this by using postMessage to mute all audio sources within the iframe like this:

// Inside jitsi-meet index.html
    window.addEventListener('muteAll', function(event) {
        console.log('Mute all postMessage received');
        $('.remote-videos-container audio').each((index, value) => value.muted = true );
    }, false);

// In parent window
jitsiAPI.getIFrame().contentWindow.postMessage('muteAll', '*');

However, the message is not received by the event handler. Is Jitsi Meet somehow intercepting postMessages and dropping them?