Video of speaker while screensharing

Hi everyone,

I tried Jitsi as a Zoom alternative, and it seems great!

On Zoom, when you share your screen, it keeps a small video of you in the top right of the screen. Is this something Jitsi currently does? If not, can it be added as a feature?

This would be a great feature for law firm marketing

Many thanks, RJ.

After sharing your screen enable your video, from the video mute/unmute button.

Wow! That easy! I feel silly for not thinking of that.

Is it possible to change the size and or position of the video box when you’re screen sharing?

Nope, sorry

Hi, is this just a ‘nope’ when using
I’m searching for a config on a self hosted installation of Jitsi Meet, where I could specify the size/scale (and eventually the position) of the webcam while screensharing. Till now I could not find anything… could you please point me to it, if there is a variable somewhere?

Use case:
For the content to remain readable by all participants in a Webinar scenario I’m screensharing a 720p Display (in Firefox); but the webcam is almost covering the lower quarter of the whole video.
I tried to circumvent this by using OBS with a scene where I capture the 720p Display and the webcam at the right size (streaming it to a virtual webcam for Jitsi Meet)… but the quality of the videostream on the receivers side is much better if I use Jitsis screensharing feature directly, instead of using a OBS scene - unfortunately for me. :upside_down_face: