Video is turning ON When we stop Screen share

When we stop screen share… fraction of a second Video is turning ON.

it’s a Privacy issue, right?

I’m able to reproduce this on

is that this issue ?

@gpatel-fr Yes,

then it’s not really a privacy issue, right ?

@gpatel-fr Yes, it’s a Major privacy issue as per me…

I was in a meeting with the remote participant sharing his screen after some time he stopped his screen share…

I was able to see his video for 1 sec.!!!

which describes a privacy issue right?

his intention was not to TURN the video ON but without a user, the click video is turning ON.

then follow up on the Github issue where a Jitsi dev states that the video data is NOT transmitted. If you can reproduce that it is transmitted, well, it’s a problem. Are you sure it was current data and not the previous data from before your remote participant stopped the video to share the screen ?

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@jallamsetty can you please attach the commit for this issue.

The commit has been referenced in the issue mentioned above.

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