Video is shut off to reduce bandwidth

I was testing my custom iframe app.
There were about 40 users online with channelLastN set to 2.
I am sure only 2 or 3 users had their camera on.
Still some times some users got error video is shut off to reduce bandwidth.

If I understand it indicates bandwidth issue at receiver end.
But I have jibri running on same machine and jibri recording had same errors
CPU used was not more than 10 percent.
I had 16 core cpu azure f series machine with 32 GB ram.
Why should jibri face bandwidth issue which is on same machine.

You mean Jibri recorded the affected cameras being off?


Jibri records what’s on screen (xorg dummy display). If video feeds were going in and out for the participants, Jibri will record the same. Remember Jibri is also a participant in the meeting.

It means this message is not triggered depending on receiver bandwidth.
But also triggered when sender has low bandwidth?

If a sender’s bandwidth goes really low, their video feed will be interrupted. Jibri records what it ‘sees’. Jibri does not depend on the server bandwidth as much as Jitsi does; it still has some dependency to ensure smooth capturing, but it’s more CPU-intensive.

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