Video is getting OFF when screnshare is ON

There are 2 cases…

  1. Initially user started with video ON and then shares a screen… that time Video is getting turned OFF.
    —> it should share the screen with Video ON.

  2. Whenever a user is sharing the screen and the video is also ON after the user stops sharing the screen the video is turned off too.
    -----> It should keep the video ON

Can we achieve this with a separate track implementation?

Are you reporting an issue or asking for suggestions on a custom implementation?

If the latter, there’s a new screensharing implementation in the works that creates a separate track for the screenshare; this addresses both requests. You can test it in the latest unstable by setting sourceNameSignaling and sendMultipleVideoStreams to “true” in config.js, then enabling multi-stream in jvb.conf. It’s still a work in progress though, but you can test it to see how it’s being implemented.

I was reporting an issue with expected behavior…

will test it Thanks for the info.

The first one is not an issue, that’s just the way screensharing works currently. The 2nd one, I’ll have to check - I don’t remember it being the behavior.

UPDATE: I just checked. The 2nd one is a problem in your deployment, it’s not the behavior. You can test it on yourself.

Note: It’s good practice to test observations on before concluding they’re issues or bugs. If it’s working fine on but not in your deployment, it’s clearly an issue in your deployment.

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for 2 one there are 2 possibilities…

  1. Turn Your video ON and then do a screen share… Stop Screen share Video is Turning ON
    → working

  2. Start screen share first and then turn video ON… stop screen share video is turning OFF…
    → Not Working

it should be consistent across all the possibilities, right?

Not true. Again, test on

I have tested on itself

Then there must be something going on with your browser. Maybe test with Chrome. I just tested and it works as expected:

  1. Join meeting with camera off
  2. Start screensharing
  3. Turn camera on
  4. Stop screensharing
  5. Camera goes off (goes back to starting state)

@Freddie This is the same behavior I was talking about.

it should be with camera ON at the end… since the user’s intention was to keep the camera ON.
user explicitly enabled it but we are turning it OFF after screen share stopped.

Nope. It goes back to the original state - camera off.
Turning on the camera while screensharing activates a temporary state - presenter mode. When screensharing stops, that state stops and everything goes back to whatever the original state was.
If user’s intention is to have the camera on, they need to turn it on before starting the screenshare, or consciously turn it on after stopping the screenshare. Jitsi makes no assumption about future state that’s different from the original state.

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Okay, thanks for the information.