Video is automatically turned on for the first user in conference when second user join the conference

Is this the default behavior or there is some settings that we can make?

When an user created a conference room and turn off the video, the video will get turned on automatically if second user joins the conference. It could create an issue for the first user because the user thought the video is off and might to doing something not to be seen.

Anything can we do?

I presume this is on your self-hosted instance? Because I’m unable to reproduce this behavior on

Yes, self hosted.

What modifications did you make to your deployment?

There are a few interface customizations, nothing to the code.

However, after a few more testing with the config changes, I found the setting “startAudioMuted: 0” causes the issue. If I set it to 0, when user 2 join the conference when user 1 off the video, the video of user 1 will be turned on automatically, but both the users are audio muted, which is what I want.

If I set “startAudioMuted: 1”, user 1 won’t be automatically video on when user 2 join the room. However, user 1 will not be audio muted (although user 2 will be muted).

startWithAudioMuted: true” may work in your case

For some reasons, “startWithAudioMuted: true” is not working for me. No one gets audio muted when joining the room.