Video Inactive status

Good morning.

We have built our own server using jitsi-meet-docker.

There is a phenomenon in which the video image is randomly inactive, the screen turns black, and then comes out again.


Is there any reason for this phenomenon?

Also, is there any way to improve it?

If you share the part that needs to be modified in your own source, we will modify it.


This had been fixed in latest jvb. We will update stable in few days with the fixes.

Can you tell me the update date and update stable version name?

And is it irrelevant to the channelLastN: -1 setting?

The candidate for stable is in testing debian repo.
You can switch to testing and update to that.

Can I check it right now with docker restart?

I use the stable-5390-3 version from docker-compose.yml.

For docker you need to build new images with the new version or wait for us to release it. The RC is jitsi-meet 2.0.5870.

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Thatโ€™s good news.

I will be waiting. :slight_smile:

Even after updating to the stable-5870 version you mentioned, inactive is displayed the same.

Are you still editing it?

Check jvb logs, it is possible that it was suspended due to not enough bandwidth, there is a log about that in jvb.

What are the recommendations for bandwidth?

Are you asking here about the server or the client.

Yes. I am using my own server.
Is there any recommended bandwidth?

Currently, 1G bandwidth is being used.

The turning off a video can be due to client bandwidth estimations.

INFO: Endpoints were suspended due to insufficient bandwidth (bwe=196472 bps)

What does bwe=196472 bps mean in the log below??

bwe = bandwidth estimation

I know it.

bwe=196472 We are inquiring about bps.

Bytes per second

Server bandwidth is 1G.
However, when 4~6 people are connected, the log shows that the bandwidth is insufficient as shown below.

INFO: Endpoints were suspended due to insufficient bandwidth (bwe=196472 bps)

In the log, bwe=196472 bps is not 0.1megabyte?