Video Images cropped in tile view with three participants

We have some problems the video images are cropped in tile view with three conference participant.
(See first uploaded Screenshot )
A litte workaround helps if klick on “participants” and open on the left site the “Breakout Room” view.
( See second uploaded Screenshot)

There is no problem if exist four conference participants ( See third Screenshot)

What can we do to solve this problem ?

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New user not allow to upload more the one picture .
Actived “participants menu”

All video images are not cropped if there four participants

That’s the Tile Enlargement algorithm at play which attempts to use as much of the screen as possible. Depending on your screen geometry, this might involve cropping the displayed video. Coupled with the face-centering feature, this usually produces good results. But there maybe some use cases where this is not desirable.

If you don’t want that feature, it can be disable in config:

If you’re using, you can still disable it by adding #config.disableTileEnlargement=true to the end of the URL. For example:


this solution did not work, jitsi is still cropping the video image.

I wonder why jitsi is cropping the image at all. if you are with several people in one room only the center is guaranteed to be seen on the other end.

even worth: the local cam view shows a different outcut than the other end sees. this is a bit weird because i cannot know from my preview what the other end sees and that’s not what i understand as a preview.

is there a way to switch off cropping completly for all participants?

It does work - I just tested it on to be sure nothing changed in the current release.

If you’re hosting your own server, you can disable it for all meetings in your config.js.

maybe we have different expectations then.

i want jitso not to crop the video image. never. just leave it as is. this can not be achieved with that option. depending on wether jitsi shows a thumbnail, a tileview, a fullscreen or whatsoeve the cropping changes, the ratio is adapted. i expect black bars top/bottom or left/right if the ratio of my browser window is different from the video image. this does not happen.