Video has been turned off to save bandwidth error/bug?

We’re having an issue with our jitsi instance. It’s upgraded to the latest stable release on ubuntu 20.04.
Whenever the host / participant shares their screen, the screen is not streamed on desktops/laptops, however we’re able to see the stream on a mobile phone (using jitsi app).

Is there anyway we can troubleshoot this? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Have you check your js console in the browser, do you see any errors?

Sorry, I didn’t see this until now for some reason. I don’t see any issues because this happens a few minutes after the meeting and someone has shared their screen / video and happens on Firefox not on chromium. Strange. I don’t want to use Chromium, I prefer FF.

i have this when i get the same problem @damencho

UnhandledError: ping timeout script, Error ping timeout

bandwidth_upkiad invalid value for idx : 0 undefiend

Is this on Firefox?

no chrome

Strange. I only have an issue (at least for now) on Firefox and not Chromium (Ungoogled Chromium - flatpak/linux). I’m considering moving to another platform because this is affecting our business meetings. :\ This was not the case a couple of months ago and it just started happening. I keep our jitsi instance fully updated/upgraded.

Thinking about Wirow. IDK