"Video has been turned off..." for screen sharing

Hi all, I want to upgrade my docker setup from “stable-7648-1” to “stable-8138-1”. With the old version everything works fine, but with the new version I always get the “Video has beend turned off to save bandwidth” error. All other images were also updated to version “stable-8138-1” and I already activated “useNewBandwidthAllocationStrategy”. Any ideas how I can solve that issue? Thanks in advance for the help.

Ping @Boris_Grozev ?

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As additional information: I also have the error with image 7830 and greater.

Another observersion: The camera video works well. Only screen sharing is affected. With tile view the screen share is visible, but with full screen the error occurs. Maybe the issue also is related to my jvb error (“Health check failed. Address discovery through STUN failed.”).

That shouldn’t matter as long as you configure the IP address of the JVB.

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Friendly reminder @Boris_Grozev

Can you share logs?

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While collecting logs i could find the error now. There was a second manually started jvb which has not been updated from our automatic deployment. After stopping the second jvb container everything works fine. Sorry for the inconviences caused and as always: Thank you very much for your support. I am really grateful to get feedback here so quickly!

One last question: I don´t know how to get rid of this error message?

I’m glad to see you figured it out.

This message? “Health check failed. Address discovery through STUN failed.”

It means you have STUN servers configured and discovery failed. Look around for errors soon after standup (just prior to “Initialized mapping harvesters”) for clues as to why it failed. I’m not sure how this gets configured with docker, and whether STUN is expected to be enabled (this comes from ice4j.harvest.mapping.stun.addresses in jvb.conf).