Video freezing and audio garbled

I get almost constant video freezing and audio garble on jitsi when more than two persons are involved ? What can I do ? We’re trying to use jitsi for online family gatherings - members from 50-75 years old, located across the country.

I use wireless wifi, on Google Chrome, laptop. My upload and download speeds are adequate.

Is your laptop Linux, Windows, Mac, …? What version of the operating system? What version of Chrome?

Have you tested with Firefox? With Chromium? With Iridium (

Is there any difference in behavior with setting video quality in the Jitsi session (see the popup menu for ‘Manage Video Quality’ which can also be accessed by typing ‘a’ in Jitsi? Try at least low definition and low bandwidth modes.

Thank you for your suggestions CJ !

I use Windows 10, usually on Google Chrome. I just updated Chrome and Firefox; and, located the adjustment for video quality, and the ‘connection’ report (re:bandwidth) on the jitsi screen. How can I adjust the bandwidth, if I need to? I will use this information at my next jitsi meeting, of approximately 10 people, which will be August 2.

Many Thanks,

In the ‘Manage Video Quality’ setting (keyboard shortcut ‘a’), you can set ‘low bandwidth mode’. I believe that ‘low definition’ or ‘standard definition’ will reduce the video bandwidth needed for yourself and others, but I don’t understand the internals of Jitsi.

I have taken to asking all participants to use ‘low definition’ video to try to reduce load on users’ systems. In my testing, I learned that setting ‘low bandwidth mode’ often eliminates video completely, so in my use case, I avoid that setting. But I have heard that it is recommended for some users.

Good luck at your next event.