Video frames

hi, i’m new to jitsi
I try to access the video frames generated by clients … i’d like to know if there is a function that access the camera or send the frames
thanks in advance


You need to check how e2ee is implemented in the client, using insertable streams

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Thanks for your response
I will check the e2ee and please provide me any available sources explaining the details

Do you mean that the frames are arranged at the e2ee module? if you don’t, may i ask you where are the frames before the encryption process exactly? I mean where i can specifically find the actual encoded frames -without encryption- to do any operation on them?

Thanks for your help.

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@Asmaa_Said you may need to check presenter mode it is in jitsi-meet where you enable video on top of screen sharing works like that …

@damencho, No, I mean in the code, there are too much variables about tracks and frames, I want to know where is the actual data(video from camera/desktop or audio) that send to the browser. to process it before sending it to the browser.

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This is done only for presenter mode so it can be drawn in canvas and then canvas is fed as source.
Everything else the code is inside chrome or Firefox implementation. The browser is the one getting the camera feed, encoding, encrypting and sending it over the wire.

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Okay, Thank you so much