video flow management of the speakers

good morning dears,
i have a big problem with my installation of jitsi and jibri. Everything works, I can record and send the stream to youtube. this is where the problem lies. I create the meeting as “admin” (user created via command line prosody), send the link with password to the speakers. they log in, I start the live on youtube. the stream that arrives on youtube is always mine, if I want to select a speaker to send him live he won’t let me. Can anyone tell me what to do? it’s possible? do i have to change something? where am i wrong?
Thanks to all men and women of good will

In settings, select “Everyone follows me”, then when you switch views (or focus), everyone will see the same thing.

Thanks Freddie,
do you mean in one of the config files or once logged in?
Thanks again

The moderator has to explicitly enable this in the settings of a running call, it’s not a global configuration variable.
You can find here: menu → Settings → More → “Everyone follows me”

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