Video flickers shortly in Chrome

Multiple users are experiencing a sort of flickering of the video. For some seconds suddenly one or more of the participants go inactive for video only (audio still works) and then their video shows again.

In the screenshot below you see what it looks like. The connection indicator says “inactive”.

When I test this in Firefox this doesn’t seem to happen there. Also the mobile apps don’t have this problem. We’re running the latest unstable. Anyone experiencing the same?

I’m observing the same problem for Testing latest Chrome (Mac 81.0.4044.113) with 6 video’s (different tabs). I see several of the video’s with the inactive state for a bit and then returning to normal video. In Firefox (75.0) this same video conference has all stable video’s.

Also some our customers sometimes simultaneously experienced this kind of problem on our Jitsi deployment, do you think it could depend by some bandwidth bottlenecks server-side?