Video feed issue with Jitsi Meet iOS SDK

Hi all,

I’m having issues with receiving video feed in my ViewController on my iOS app when using the Jitsi Meet iOS SDK. I’m able to join the room but I’m unable to see the video feed from other participants. It just shows a black feed.

I used Cocoapods to add the SDK to my project.

Here’s the code I have for my ViewController:

import UIKit
import JitsiMeet

class TestViewController: UIViewController, JitsiMeetViewDelegate {
    var livestreamRoomName: String = "TestRoom"
    let serverName = ""

    @IBOutlet weak var jitsiMeetView: JitsiMeetView!
    override func viewDidLoad() {
        jitsiMeetView.delegate = self
        let options = JitsiMeetConferenceOptions.fromBuilder { (builder) in
            builder.serverURL = URL(string: self.serverName)
   = self.livestreamRoomName
            builder.audioMuted = true
            builder.videoMuted = false
            builder.audioOnly = false
            builder.welcomePageEnabled = false

Participants in the room is a PC w/webcam, Android device (cam/mic disabled), and iOS device.

On my Android app, I have no issues with the Jitsi Meet Android SDK. I’m able to view the video feed from other people in the room, no problem. Just having problems with the iOS SDK.

I’m running Xcode 10.3, and my iOS device is on iOS 13.1.2. I have bitcode disabled in my Xcode project too. And yes, I’ve already added the camera and mic permissions in my Info.plist file. Not sure what’s wrong.

Figured out the problem. It turns out Cocoapods was not adding the latest Jitsi SDK. It was using v2.2.0 instead of the latest 2.3.1.

Working now with the updated dependency.