Video display size gets smaller and smaller

Is there a known issue or fix when using the API where the video size keeps getting smaller and smaller? it seems to start triggering after toggling screenshares or the chat window. The background blurs or goes grey behind the small video window, it’s not the iframe div getting smaller. I’ve experienced this myself as well as other users, the only fix is for affected users to refresh the conference.
I’ll try to capture it happening in the future but when i’m ready i can’t get it to do it.
running version 2.0.5041-1

Thank you.

Able to duplicate this easily now by having the chat window open and switching from tile view to large participant.
I took a recording of it happening. This test is from meet version 2.0.5142. Also confirmed on the latest version of JVB.

It is fixed in latest versions in unstable repo

Thanks @jallamsetty for the hint :slight_smile:
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Really appreciate it. Keep up the awesome work!