Video disappears when more than 2 users in Meet

Hello! I can’t find any solution to my problem, so it’s time for the community here. When using Meet with 3 or more users, my video is not transmitted to the others. There is then often a red sign to show poor connection. Strangely, I do see my own video on the screen during the entire call. As soon as there is only 1 person with me, the video is normally transmitted to the other one. Really tricky … any hints what to do? Thanks in advance!

try to do the checks suggested in this post there is 99% of chances your problem is the same.

Since there is no interruption with 3+ users and assuming “only 1 person” is not on the same local network, this may be a resource problem on the server side.

Thanks a lot! I’m not an experienced IT person and find it hard to follow the explanations … is there a simplified way to go?

Hi Hochstr

It’s sound like NAT issues, if so the post may help. (replace the ip address to suit your envirement)

when 2 or more participants all disconnect after 30 seconds