Video dial-in from Polycom


we have a customer who would like to be able to dial-in with their Polycom conference device. This is a hardware-device which is located in one of their conference rooms.

We have a running jigasi instance which is working for audio dial-in’s and tried to configure jibri, but didn’t manage to make it work.
I’ve saw a couple of other topics that wanted this feature which made us think, that this is something that could be done with Jigasi/Jibri:


Sadly most of the links provided in the other topics are dead now.

My main question now is: Is it at all possible to dial-in from a Polycom / SIP-Video Client to jitsi meet ? It would be fine if this was only possible for a single room.

Next I would be really glad if we could get informations on what we need or even better a configuration example.

Best regards
Pascal Reeb - Adfinis AG

Yes, it’s possible, with Jibri. You need to deploy Jibri in a special flavour: jibri/ at master · jitsi/jibri · GitHub - Alas our documentation is severely lacking here.

Do you have any configuration examples that are working? Or hints on where I find something I can build upon?

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@saghul a customer is heavily interested in this also. Is there any intention or timeline of when the documentation will be finished?
They are also ready to invest something to push this if possible.