Video Converence with 2000 Concurrent Users & White Label

Hi Experts,

Need Expert with track record (similar project) for Develop Enterprise Video Converence using Jitsi with full White Label and minimum 2000 Concurrent Users asap.


I can do this for you, and I have experience doing so. Please let me know when you need it done by and what your budget is. I would prefer to use Ubuntu on an AWS scaling infrastructure.

Cheers, Andrew.
Melbourne, Australia.

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Hi Andrewc,

We have arround 350K USD for

  1. Configurating Infrastructure

  2. Develop the Web Converence. We will need to connect with current SSO trough LDAP

  3. White Label Mobile App and WebRTC

If you are agree, we can discuss further on this


Nico Amon

Hi there Nico.

I am keen to discuss further. Do you have a particular time line for delivery? I am assuming that with the current Zoom security issues and extreme demand in Work From Home due to Covid-19 you’re wanting to move fairly quickly.

Do you have a scoped requirements document or is this something you’d like us to work with you to prepare?

What provider or technology are you currently using for SSO?

Happy to proceed, we can have something setup for you in a fairly time efficient manner being that we’ve been down this path before and know where the snags are that can catch one up.

Please shoot me a PM with private details to communicate further. From there we should conference using one of my instance installations.

Thanks, Andrew.

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Your friend,

Try to PM you both. But seems there is no such feature.
Is there any possibilities i can share my contact details in this Jitsi Forum?

Hi Nico.

I’ve sent you a PM on here and also a LinkedIn request plus check your Facebook message requests.

Cheers Andrew.

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while you could want to scale up video conference for multiple rooms, each room could not have more than a few dozen users reliably.
In that case, you’d need streaming solutions.
Your custom application could be modified to allow streamers to join in effectively, if that’s the usecase.

If you simply want to deploy 2k plus users with various rooms, all your need is a single app and multiple video bridges.

Let’s talk if you’re still looking.

I have worked on similar project. I can help you with very competitive price.


We provide commercial support and services for Jitsi. We can customize and scale jitsi according to your needs. For more information please send us an email at and we will get back to you.

can i have your email address pls, got a proposition for you, in which i’ll explain in the email.