Video connection issues for 3+ users

We’re having a heck of a time trying to troubleshoot an issue that is being reported by some of our users on our custom lib-jitsi-meet system (ie. not the stock Jitsi interface)

When more than 2 people connect, they frequently have video-display issues:
eg. if A, B, C, and D all connect, then sometimes A can’t see B; or B can’t see A; or A can see everyone else, but nobody can see him, etc… Refreshing the connection doesn’t always help, or sometimes creates a different problem instead…
it’s inconsistent, and doesn’t appear to be tied to any particular browser or device.
And sometimes everything works just fine (!!!)

One recent session provided the following logs from the jicofo/prosody server, jvb, and coturn servers.
Can anyone see anything obvious that might indicate a mis-configuration issue? Or maybe the way we’re connecting via lib-jitsi-meet?

jicofo - jicofo.log (100.7 KB)
jicofo - prosody.log (7.7 KB)
jvb2 - jvb.log (325.9 KB)
coturn - syslog.log (1.6 KB)

Thank you for your help!

I don’t have the solution, just a tip. Yesterday I was doing tests with coturn and I have seen just a similar case. Specifically one workstation had the port 10000 blocked and the other was unrestricted. Note that this is the first time for me and it was also my first tests with coturn. I have looked only at your coturn log and the

HTTPS connection has been disabled due Vulnerability in the Web interface !!!

message seems linked to the Web management interface that is not available for your coturn version (you are probably using Ubuntu 18.04). If you are not trying to use it (likely since it does not work) it would mean that you have exposed the port 8080 to the internet and someone has scanned it. In any case it should not be a problem.
The rest of the log suggests that coturn has been used. So a simple test could be to ensure that whatever firewall is blocking port 10000 be configured to allow it for the suspected workstations and see what happens. HTH.

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thank you. I had understood that the turn server (on a separate machine) would only need 80, 443, and port 4446 open… does something need to connect inbound to the turn server on 10000?

no but theoretically if the client can access port 10000 of the videobridge, the turn server should not be used (since direct connection to jvb using 10000 / UDP is faster and more resilient to network problems)

@David_Robert_Hoare, The solution to this is here

Thank you Christopher, but I don’t have webmin installed on any of our servers…

yes, port 10000 has always been open and available on both jvb servers, and the jicofo server.

if you have a host with only jicofo and no jvb; port 10000 is unnecessary. And port 10000 can be blocked on client side (firewall)

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Can it be that bandwidth estimation is triggering some videos to be stopped from jvb for some participants? Do you see a different signal icon for the thumbnail when video is missing?
When you miss a video for someone and you see the participant as not video muted you can check from the reported stats whether that participant is sending video at all by looking at the outgoing bandwidth for that thumbnail.

Aaa you have your own UI, what is then the participant connection status when video is off … if it is INACTIVE, this is when jvb stops the video, I think…