Video Conferencing for only Local Network

Please guide us, how to Implement Jisti server on Ubuntu version 20 for local network video conferencing , We want only local network video conferencing using private IP Address .
How to save recording file in our local network .

This may work with some limitations that may discourage this type of configuration. See Installing over LAN - #2 by Franky1

Having said that, if you have a (1) a domain name, (2) a webserver on a network that is accessible (to in internet) over port 80 & 443 for web traffic and (3) your video bridge(s) are kept private behind a firewall, I could imagine a setup that that could be totally private that would work (even with STUN and the turnserver disabled)

Keep in mind that this would be an advanced setup and would require networking knowledge and more detailed understanding of Jitsi installations and configuration.

I only mention it because its possible. However, there is no documentation or guide for this type of setup.

Is there a possibility to use a local DNS server and work with a custom domain name? Something like

trying to do the same , but after installation i cant see anything on the web page

I tested in my local network using the internal DNS server and an internal host address (lets say meet.mydomain.loc), it works.

I’m using the host address (not IP) while connecting to the Jitsi server. You may need to edit the harvester config on the JVB’s sip config.

Please share steps how to do configuration step by step…

We are waiting your response…

I’m using my installer. All steps are in the installer’s subscripts

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Thank you so much , is there required DNS Server for resolving IP to host or directly IP based using , Computer to computer in local network.

Just follow the quick install guide.Quick Install. When it asks for domain name enter your LAN IP and it should be working. i have been using it in my LAN for more than 50+ video participants.

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Thanks you so much I will try , I will inform you after installation JITSI Server .

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Please share the vide link to configure Jitsi server . we are try but we cont do best , I need server configuration video.

please follow this link . when asked for domain name input your local ip

no. This is not recommended as webrtc depends on TLS that is not possible when using raw IP.

since you are on lan(local installation) it does not matter. with this set up i have it working for 50+ subscribers

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Can you share configuration steps of your subscribers if it is possible ,

just follow the steps one-by-one as mentioned in quick install guide , and enter ip of the machine when asked for host name. no configuration is required at subscribers end

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Thanks you so much Jitsi Team , Now Successfully install Jitsi Server in our local network ,

How to enable local video meetings recording and how to change Logo ?

google is your best friend. go ahead and make the changes as per your requirement

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We are trying but issue still present , for more information please find the attached screen short.