Video conference limit

Hello everyone what is the limit of people to join video conf on jitsi

No inherent limitation but conferences are limited by the back-end server infrastructure . Also at some point the user’s computer (bandwidth, CPU and memory) will become a bottle neck.

Please see: How many users can be in a meet in the available application, 75? and How many users

Hi Corby,

How to enable screen control for viewer in jitsi meet configuration?


@subodhs - Look at this thread: Jitsi features - reply there to keep this thread focused on the “video conference limit”

Hi Corby,

Thanks for your quick response.

I have configured jitsimeet in one of our domain which is hosted in AWS. People joins with web url which I generate and sends to them.
Once I start session with my client and share screen, for eg. excel and would like to give control to edit that excel, will it possible this feature?