Video Conference between apprtc client and jitsi meet client

Is it possible? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
apprtc requests are in json format and jitsi meet requests are xml based. If I get request from apprtc client and send it in xml format to the jitsi meet, does the new video conference will be established?

No and there is no point of doing that, why would you want it?
apprtc is a p2p webrtc app. Jitsi-meet uses same for its p2p connection and adds the option to have more than 2 participants including a videobridge (SFU) in the session so it can intelligently relay packets between participants.

Actually, I have an app that uses apprtc and now I want to use Jitsi-meet. So I’m looking for a solution that new users(Jitsi-meet clients) who have installed the app recently be able to connect to old users(apprtc client).

I think, it is not possible.

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