Video compression

hello, i’m trying to add internal video compression module to jitsi to reduce bandwidth usage.
so i need the generated frames from camera and mic to compress and decompress them.
would it work if i copied and edited on e2ee or should i start over from scratch.

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Video compression is done by the browser, you need to look at browser’s code.

thanks for the quick response.
can i modify this in code to use my encryption. i noticed that E2EE does something close to what i want to do (if i understand correctly).

That encrypts the data that will be sent and that is already video compressed data.

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@damencho so is there a way in jitsi code to turn off browser compression or is this like a package deal from the browser(capturing the camera feed, compression, etc)

I don’t think that is possible, that is inside webrtc implementation in different browsers. If you want to use a different codec, you need to ship a custom browser to clients.
There are already plenty of video codecs in progress, we are working on turning on vp9, which is now available in the browsers. Soon AV1 will be available in the browsers for testing, you may want to look at those.

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ok thanks a lot for your help.