Video camera and Issue Troubles when you switch off the camera #350


Hi everyone.
I wanted to fix this issue and I tested my fix on old code. But after cloning current master I can’t make video calls at all.
Is this issue or someone didn’t finish someting?

If this is a bug I can investigate it too.

Please let me know


Do you reproduce this on


No. But it reproduced it with our jabber server and if I’m right the root cause doesn’t de1pends from jabber server.
DO you think I should to try to reproruce it exactly on that server?


Sorry for confusion. I reproduced it in desktop app


The issue was fixed by right video codec selection. H264 doesn’t work for some reason so I selected VP8 and it started to work.


Which version are you using latest from unstable or stable?


First of all: sorry for confusion again I meant app can do video calls.
I built the latest master.
Issue with switch on/off camera is still reproducable but in the same time my fix fix this partially on the latest master.
I’ll continue work on this when I’ll have time on it.


Can someone reqview my pull request ?
There is the fix for libjitsi for hold/unhold camera. We can discuss it if you have time on it


Thanks for your time and please excuse me for confusion.
In future pull requests I’ll provide full scenario for testing.
Please check once more