Video call system for Recruitment

we have a recruiting platform and jobs, We need to create a module so that companies can do video interviews with job candidates.

We have some questions:

1- How many simultaneous video calls can we have?
2- What is the cost of the servers to store the system?
3- is it better to use the Jitsi server or use your own servers?


I am an expert in Jitsi and Big Blue Button.
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About your questions:
1.As soon as you will create separate room for each interviewer, you can create almost as much as needed, that could be only limited by your hardware resources. As with growth of number of simultaneous calls, you will have increase of hardware and traffic ussage.
2-3.You can start with Digital ocean, $20/month can be ok at the beginning, then you can scale and upgrade it. Having own servers will increase cost, as you will need to maintain them too. You also can consider AWS.

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We can help you build your solution. Please find below answers to your questions.

  1. It depends on the number of participants you would have in a meeting. A c5.xlarge server on aws could support upto 1000 streams (500 1-1 calls).
  2. We recommend aws. As a starting point you can start with a t2.medium server which costs you $37 per month.
  3. Having your own server you can customize it the way you want and it would be dedicated to you. But you would have to maintain the server.

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