Video call issue over five people


We would like to be able to call 5+ people at the same time using JITSI services. But at this point in time when we do it, it does not work due to bandwidth issues. Can you please guide us how we can resolve this problem so that we can make video and voice calls to 5+ people at the same time without any issues?


Is this on your own deployment or on


I am using Jitsi for my android platform and using deployment not my own.
This is dependency which i have using in my project

implementation(‘org.jitsi.react:jitsi-meet-sdk:2.+’) { transitive = true }



Audio works, right?
What is the bandwidth you have, from the location you start the clients, or you start thebin different locations?


No Audio also not work, my bandwidth is 80 mbps and client bandwidth also 80 mbps, this problem found either we start call from same location or from different location. In one to one call its working perfect but when connecting more people then problem occoured.


Check out this part of the tutorial you need to configure an ipaddress and some port forwarding if your jvb is behind NAT and make sure those ports are open on the firewalls.


Actually i am using jitsi pre-build android SDK using
implementation(‘org.jitsi.react:jitsi-meet-sdk:2.+’) { transitive = true } dependency so where i put the<Local.IP.Address><Public.IP.Address>
and Local.IP.Address will be static for all android devices or variable?
Please guide me


What about port forwarding, is that working?


how to check port forwarding in android? Please help


O wait, I got confused, so you do use, then ignore my NAT setting comments cause it is if you are managing your own deployment.
Hum … can you try using the Jitsi Meet app from the store, do you see the same issue there, when running on same devices?


Okay, i will check for same.


There is also connectivity issue in meet app when adding more user in same call.


So it seems to me the network on your side is the problem … Have you try doing that from a computer using the same network, just open 3-5 tabs(the same scenario you test with mobile), do you see connectivity issues? What about if you use cable on the computer, is it the same?


In computer its working fine on same network. The problem raised only in mobile apps.


Same network as all computers are using same wifi as the mobile apps are connected to same wifi?


Some are on same network and some are on different network. Mobiles are using different network.


So probably the mobiles network is the problem. Everyday we use the Jitsi Meet app and, there are people entering in conferences with more than 5 people, so the problem is not on the side. That’s why I asked you to test different scenarios so you can find where is the problem.


But on same network other video calling apps work perfect!


Have you tried for example Hangouts in the same scenario?


i think @Gleaming_LLP has a firewall so is sending stream via coturn and it is affecting the conference performance