Video broadcasting and the NZ terror attack

Firstly, hello to our fellow open source community at Jitsi - this is AtomJump’s first post! We are also an open source tool, but focused on live textual messaging ( / We think our services are pretty complementary to what you have been working on, and we include a link to the Jitsi service on each of our forums, as our video chat provider. Our messaging tool is PHP / NodeJS based and includes a plugin library not too different to e.g. the Wordpress plugin library.

Introductions over: our office is based one street away from where the Christchurch, New Zealand terror attack occurred last Friday. Facebook are coming under increasing fire for their video broadcasting feature, which was used to broadcast a horrific live stream of the terrorist’s massacre from the attacker’s head.

As an open source provider we feel it is our duty to remove the video broadcasting capability of our service. My question is, can this be done easily if we are simply linking to Jitsi? Do we need to have our own installation running? And in the wider picture, is this an issue you will consider making inactive, generally, or at least restrict the usage of. We believe it is a serious social issue, but are relieved that both of our tools are open source, and we can actually choose how to set them up, if we wish.

With kind regards,
Peter Abrahamson
Founder, AtomJump

Welcome! Thank you for your interest.

If you are providing links to there is no way to disable that. To be sure that live-streaming is disabled you need your own deployment.
In order to use the live-streaming you need a Google account and enabled streaming service in youtube. Enabling it is a manual process and takes over 24 hours of Google to enable it, going through some checks. We are not actually providing this streaming as our service we are just using Google-provided API to use their youtube streaming service, so if they stop it we have nothing we can do about it. There are no discussions on the subject. If you have any further thoughts you are free to come and share it on our community call which is a bi-weekly event and next edition is next Monday, more info for TheCall check our website.

Thanks for the reply Damencho, that’s fine - we do aim to eventually have our own install, so that seems like the route forward. Yes, I think Google perhaps need one of those call-back services so that they can have a verbal discussion with the user before giving a green light.