Video Bridge: Can it accept an OBS screen-share and display on a webpage for others to view?

I would like to use OBS to do screen-captures and pass the output to Jitsi Video Bridge, and allow people to visit a web-page to see the stream. At least in my imagination based on the website advertising the Jitsi Video Bridge that seems like what it could be used for.

It appears that much of the documentation for the Video Bridge is still being written. (though I did find some in the doc/ directory of the repository.

Can anyone tell me if that is the tool-of-choice for creating a simple “broadcast from OBS and have a web-page for people to view it” type of functionality? Or is there a better way?

If it is indeed the Video Bridge - - - can someone tell me how I could accomplish this task? Do I need to code anything in Java to pull it off?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.