Video blocked on Brave browser

Noobie user here.
Just installed Jitsi on Win10/Brave Browser and set up my first meeting. Can see myself on the laptop computer video. Then installed Jitsi app on Android phone and joined the meeting. All worked as expected. Then back to the Win10/Brave machine and cannot see the video from the Android.

Closed Brave browser and launched in Google Chrome. Joined the meeting and everything worked properly. Seems like Brave is blocking the video from other meeting participants. Not totally unexpected since it’s touted as a more secure browser.

Question: what setting do I change on Brave to allow the video to come through from other meeting participants? There is an icon in the browser toolbar named “Brave Shields”, and I changed it to “Shields down” with no effect.

Brave isn’t really on the supported browser list but you may get it to work with some changes… It probably has to do with non-proxied UDP/Fingerprinting Protection. Good luck

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Tried changed a range of settings, but nothing made a difference. I will just use Google Chrome.
Thanks for your help - it was a starting point to know where to look.

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