Video/Audio not working after update, xmpp errors

I am running Jitsi on a Fedora Server with the docker compose setup. Everything worked fine, but after upgrading Fedora Server last week from 30 to 32, the Jitsi service did not came up again. I figured out the missing “systemd.unified_cgroup_hierarchy=0” at grub and fixed that. Jitsi service starts up again, but audio/video is not working anymore. I checked out a complete new installation, following the official Jitsi Meet on Docker guide (, but again, the plain vanilla setup with default configuration does not work in our setup - no audio, no video, no participants are visible. Firewall configuration is not changed, Ports 443, 4443 and 10000 are still open. Here you can find the complete command line output of the docker-compose run: (I replaced domain and IP in the log file)
What is wrong with this setup? Thanks a lot in advance!