Video and Audio lost with 3 participant (Subdomain & Apache)

I have a fresh install of jitsimeet with the famouse 3 participant problem. Read lots of posts to see what could be, but couldnt find an answer yet. Thanks in advance!

2 people work fine, but as soon as one more joins and switchs to videoBridge, the video and audio stops working.


  • UBUNTU 18.04.4.
  • Direct access to Internet (not using NAT)
  • Firewall ports enabled: 443, udp10000, tested from (
  • Apache as webserver, and jisti in subfolder “meet” working correctly.
  • External IP visible in setRemoteDescription -> chrome://webrtc-internals/

Console JS repeats constantly says:

  • 020-05-07T23:27:15.896Z [modules/RTC/BridgeChannel.js] <l._send>: Bridge Channel send: no opened channel.

Jicofo.log errors:

jvb.log errors:

  • WARNING: [12] Videobridge.start#906: No authorized source regexp configured. Will accept requests from any source.
  • SEVERE: [19] Health check failed in PT3.959S:
  • java.lang.Exception: Performing a health check took too long: PT3.959S
  • WARNING: [26] XmppCommon.handleIQRequest#264: Took 104 ms to handle IQ:
  • WARNING: [27] XmppCommon.handleIQRequest#264: Took 141 ms to handle IQ:
Wasnt changed, becuase im not behind NAT, tried both commenting and uncommenting

  • also tested with and without NAT_HARVESTER_PUBLIC/LOCAL_ADDRESS with & PUBLIC ADDRESS just in case.