Video and audio input works but occasionally no audio output

I installed jitsi meet on debian 9.7.0 (stretch). All seems to work well except after 3 or more participants join, sometimes the original moderator of the room loses the ability to hear audio output from other speakers. The video and audio input are still working properly (so others can hear the mod), but the mod can’t hear others.

If I refresh/reload the page, I can hear the other speakers again.

I am not quite sure what this issue is. I have disabled p2p, but that does not seem to help. The moderator normally uses firefox, but I am now testing with chromium to see if results are any better. I have attempted to set up a coTURN server, but I am not sure how to test if jitsi meet is properly using that TURN server, and I am not sure whether this should even matter or not.

IRC: jrmu @ oftc, rizon, efnet

Can you chek your jicofo and jvb logs? Looks like no traffic is flowing via the JVB. It could be down, ports blocked by a firewall, or misconfigured, if you have the setup behind NAT.

Hey Saghul,

Thanks for the quick reply. At least some traffic must be flowing via the JVB, because we can have 5+ speakers at once and we hear them clearly after refreshing/reloading the tabs.

But, I will go ahead and check the logs anyway. Is there any way for me to PM you the logs directly? I don’t really want to show them all on a public forum.

You can email them to saghul @ jitsi . org